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Clean air routes

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 4 million people die each year from the effects of polluted, outdoor air and 3.8 million die due from dirty indoor air.

Further, the WHO reports that even air pollution at low levels can cause significant harm to the human body.

As a tech enthusiast committed to digital transformation, you know that air pollution is linked to diseases like asthma and diabetes, and recognize that particulates in the air can lodge deep in lungs and enter the bloodstream, causing strokes along with cardiovascular and respiratory problems.

You are committed to change, and eager to accomplish the enormous task of providing air quality monitoring to your smart city’s residents, especially when decades of public service campaigns have failed to convince most city-dwellers to give up their automobiles.

Thinkz can help.

We enable your IoT-connected, air pollution sensors to communicate, creating a web of data that will help any smart city administer transform that information into valuable live, updated maps.

Let’s say you have air quality sensors stationed throughout your city, and there is a forest fire on its western edge.

The most pressing concern is protecting the residents in that area, but you would also like to warn people in other parts of the city about potential smoke inhalation.

We provide that information, in real time, to keep your residents safe and your metropolis humming.

Breath the fresh air with Thinkz.

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